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All of our cat grooming is done sedation free, which is far safer for our feline friends. We use gentle methods with all cats and avoid stressing them out during the grooming process as much as possible.

Bath and Groom -
Nails, eyes cleaned, two hand washes with warm water and using our special cat shampoo, specifically formulated for feline skin and to remove excess oils from the coat gently. Blow dry and Comb through to remove excess dead coat here in the salon , instead of in your home. Belly Clip is an add on option.

Groom -
Nails, eyes cleaned, Comb through removing excess dead coat in the salon, instead of your home. Belly clip is an add on option.

Lion Clip -
Nails, Eyes cleaned, Full Body clip to the skin, leaving head, paw booties and your choice of tail tassel or full tail. We use special cat blades to give the best even smooth finish possible. This service is recommended for kitty cats that are very matted to the skin. Belly Only Clips are also available with a groom or bath and groom.

Soft Touch Nails -
Soft Paws are completely safe and humane and can be used on cats of all ages. Soft Paws are vinyl nail caps that are glued on to your cat’s existing nails. They look like a cat’s nail, only hollow. As they do not affect the cats ability to use their nails, they tolerate them extremely well, once accustomed and the novelty of them has worn off. Soft Paws are completely safe, painless and non-toxic.
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Please Note: There will be a variation to these prices for excessive knotting which is groomed out Will Be charged at $16.50 per ¼ of an hour spent beyond the allotted time for de knotting any coat which is already built into our prices as fair grooming of longer coats.